Big Table Capability. Small Garage Accessibility.

If you can draw it, you can cut it. If you can download it, you can cut it. If you can imagine it, you can cut it.

PLASMA CNC for everyone

Portable powerful and easy to use. ArcDroid™ brings CNC plasma to your garage or workshop. ArcDroid™ combined with our custom operating system- Simple Trace™- accurately reproduce your designs delivering fast, accurate and repeatable parts from your plasma cutter.


Point to point or free hand, trace your template and ArcDroid™ creates a cut file instantly. Import .DXF file directly for even more flexablilty. Fusion 360, Pronest and SheetCAM compatible.


ArcDroid™ is only 20" x 14.5"x10" and Under 35 Lbs! It fits in any shop and easily portable to job sites.


ArcDroid™ has a powerful glove friendly touch screen interface. No external PC required. ArcDroid™ comes fully assembled and ready to go right out of the box.

Trace It. Save It. Cut it.

Design how you want, when you want with Simple Trace™ Operating System

Point to point or free hand, trace your template and Simple Trace™ creates a cut file instantly. Simple Trace™ is hands down the easiest way to operate a CNC robot.

- The ArcDroid™ arm follows the contours of your template
- High accuracy encoders map your every move
- Simple Trace™ turns any cardboard cut out to a functional cut file with ease.

On-site or in the garage. Start a project whenever you want, wherever you are.

Weighing under 35 Lbs and measuring a mere 20" x 14.5"x10", the ArcDroid™ fits in any shop and easily portable to job sites.

ArcDroid™ is the perfect balance between usability and portability for your projects.

Weight: 35lbs

Dimensions: 20" x 14.5" x 10"

Self contained with no external software needed

Powerful touch screen with Simple Trace™ OS included - no external PC required! You can use your ArcDroid™ in almost any working conditions without the need to learn new softwares

Trace it. Save it. Cut it.

CNC anytime, anywhere.

Join a passionate and dedicated support community

Ask a question and get help, share your latests projects or just chat with ArcDroid™ users. We have your back, supporting you with your projects.

A true 1st for the Industry

ArcDroid™ is the first of it's kind inthe industry. A CNC Plasma system thats acsessable to everyone. No longer do you need a big budget a big shop and a steep learning curve to get into the CNC plasma game.