ArcDroid™ Founder

Andrew Miller

"As a lifetime tinkerer and fabricator the ArcDroid™ is just a tool I always wanted"

Building on nearly 30 years of product design for a wide viariaty of industries, Andrew set out to create a portable easy to use plasma system in 2020. Many late nights and more than a dozen itterations later the ArcDroid™ was born.

Andrew lived and worked in Hong Kong for more than 12 years and spent countless hours working with the engineering teams in nearly a dozen Chinese factories. This meant when it came to time to put the ArcDroid™ into production the groundwork was already laid and utilizing the manufacturing might that is modern day China to bring it to market economically was cinch.

2 AM Innovations Ltd.

2 AM Innovations Ltd. is a product development company with primary operations in Hong Kong.  We have been engaged in design and development of unique products for over 15 years and strive to provide interesting and well built products to different sectors.

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