Sending arm to zero point

  •   Is there a G code that sends the arm to your selected zero point?  Not the home function, but the zero point you have chosen in your layout?



  • Operations manual for ref:

    You can use the MDI to input manual commands. See page 16 of the manual, and page 17 for the supported G and M codes. 

    Absolutely can do this. But it's more than a single code required here. 

    Need to enable the steppers, then move using absolute mode to the 0 point. 

    Codes to input (make sure that the torch/stylus is unencumbered and nothing is blocking the path):

    M17 - tap SEND
    This should take you to a print out screen indicating that the M17 command was sent.
    Tap BACK to get back to the MDI
    G90 - tap SEND (this commant isn't strictly needed because the system should already be in Absolute mode, but it's a good way to make sure you're in the right movement mode. 
    Tap BACK
    G0 X0 Y0 - tap SEND
    You can use G1, but you'll have to specify the feedrate. Rapid traverse speed is fine here. Note that this will move it to your defined zero point. The steppers are still on at this point keeping the arm locked, if you want to unlock them to move the arm manually again, you'll have to send M18.

    I think you can just back out at this point and start your cut if you're just using this to make sure your material is in the right location. The system should automatically go through the proper commands to continue. 

  •   Thanks Patrick,  I'll give that a try.  Can what you stated be entered as one line? I have a long ways to go learning this stuff...  the trace mode is what got me to make the purchase.   



  • It seems that it's not possible to put all of this in one line. I've tried combining G90 and G1 in the same line and it just seems to ignore the command, it might do the G90 then declare the line done. 

    I'm not 100% sure on what Marlin considers acceptable input for its G code parser. So assume each line has to be input individually. It's a bit annoying to bounce back and forth, but it seems that it has to be done that way. Perhaps Andrew could get one of the future updates to allow a delimiter so that you can enter multiple commands in the same line but I don't think that would be top priority at this time. 

  • It doesn't work as one line but doing as you say it works fine.

    I have lots of questions.....

    can saved files be renamed or deleted from thumb drive via control panel?  Or does this have to be done from a laptop?

    can the code written by a trace routine be seen?  That would be huge for me in learning how programing works.

  • You have to go to the laptop to delete files or change their names

  • As Littleboss said. All the file edititing whatnot needs to be done from a computer. 

    If you save your trace. It will be saved as a gcode and you can easily look at it in a text editor to see the code. Personally I use VSCode with a G-code extension which colour codes all the code to make it easier to read. 

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