User friendly for beginner cad programs

  • Hello everyone. What are you guys using for CAD programs. Im looking for something simple and basic and that also won't break the bank. Need to work on my cad skills before I start spending the big bucks. 




  • I use the free version of Fusion 360.

    I once played with inventor many years ago, but for what i'm doing at work, I've had to teach myself how to use cad programmes again. 

    Fusion once learning a few tricks has actually been relatively easy to use.

    For 2D drawings, and basic desings that you're likely to desing for the arcdroid, I think it's pretty easy going. 

    I've used it for designing a few 3D prints we've wanted to do, i'm playing now with doing a few drawings so I can try and put the arcdroid through its paces. 

    My issue has been post process. I need to watch a few more videos, or ask those that work on our CNC machines what i'm missing.



  • Thanks for your sharing.

  • BobCad is a very easy to use software.  It's been around forever and a day, but I still like it a lot and I can do things very quickly with it.  I just can't seem to get comfortable with Fusion 360.

    A second choice to BobCad is the FREE Q-Cad that you can download online.  It's also pretty user friendly for beginners.




  • I like inkscape for free and it does a great job of exporting to sheetcam and cut software.  It also does a great job of transmforming photos into 2d cuts.  I'm sure there are many others, I just gravitated to inkscape because it does so much and there is a lot of other things you can do beyond 2d cad.

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