Probing for torch height

  • Ok, so I worked out my multiple cuts sorted. 

    So went to try something simple, and worked out it would do what I wanted to do.

    I set up the settings after i've done my two processes. 

    When I set it up, and did my test run, it would not probe height for the circle, but would do it when it started the rectangle. 

    I would have thought it would have done it once for the circle, or twice, once at the circle and once at the rectangle. 

    What am I missing? 

  • So i went back through my gcodes I had created, only one of them had the torch probe for the circle. 

    I just went and ran that program and all worked out. 

    Not sure what I had done wrong with the other ones. 

    Will keep playing and having a bit of fun 

  • Ok arcdroiders, colour me confused. 

    I've done a little drawing, traced it out, went to setting and adjusted what I needed. 

    Saved the gcode, and did a test run with the probe in place. It probed the sheet, worked out the height and did what I had asked. 

    I swapped out the probe for the torch, did a test run, but this time it didn't probe. It just went through at the static height the z was set. I could move it up or down using the round knob, but it made no difference, didn't probe or adjust height. 

    I checked the gcode, and it looks like it's there. 

    Can someone please check and see what i'm missing. 

    I was going to turn off and try again, but wanted to see if i've done something wrong. 


    G90 ; absolute mode
    G54 ; coordinate sys
    G21 ; units
    M444 S1.000 P0.100; cutter delays (D, D)
    G28 O1 ; optional home

    ; shape 0
    ; polygon(P:12 C:0 L:D0.000 O:L0.500)
    G0 X175.362 Y148.066 ; ( X175.362 Y148.066 I:0)
    G30 ; probe
    G92 Z0 P1 ; set Z 0 include probe offset
    G0 Z2.000 ; pierce height
    M3 ; beam on
    G1 Z1.500; work height
    G1 F3000.000 ; set shape feed
    G1 X180.376 Y147.861 ; ( X180.376 Y147.861 I:1)
    G1 X173.355 Y120.516 ; ( X173.355 Y120.516 I:2)
    G1 X166.163 Y120.810 ; ( X166.163 Y120.810 I:3)
    G1 X159.958 Y147.892 ; ( X159.958 Y147.892 I:4)
    G1 X164.915 Y148.125 ; ( X164.915 Y148.125 I:5)
    G1 X166.385 Y142.469 ; ( X166.385 Y142.469 I:6)
    G1 X171.329 Y142.376 ; ( X171.329 Y142.376 I:7)
    G1 X171.407 Y138.363 ; ( X171.407 Y138.363 I:8)
    G1 X167.788 Y137.431 ; ( X167.788 Y137.431 I:9)
    G1 X169.438 Y126.981 ; ( X169.438 Y126.981 I:10)
    G1 X174.651 Y147.337 ; ( X174.651 Y147.337 I:11)
    M5 ; beam off
    G0 Z20.000 ; clear height
    ; end polygon
    ; end shape


  • OK a bit more information. I went and turned the machine back on. 

    set the home, and loaded up the file. 

    Press run, it found it's position, and went and probed then trace. 

    Press run a 2nd time, and it just traced the hole and didn't probe. 

    Press run again, liftted slightly higher and did the shape. 

    Press a third time, and it would probe and do shape. 

    All of this without the torch being on obviously. Trying to work out why it won't probe each time i press run. 

    Again the coding is still above. 

  • Try moving your height around with the knob, I feel like sometimes with the plasma handle and cable it can fool a g30 probe with a false touch off

  • I had tried that. I could raise it up, then select run, and it would run at the height i moved it up to with the knob. 

    Seemed to be every 3rd run it would touch off, the problem being doing a test run, it does what it's meant to, then doing a live run, and it doesn't cut, then it's just annoying. 

    Trying to work out how to make it consistent. 

  • JB,

    Do you have a g-code list for the ArcDroid?  Most cnc equipment require an M30 at the end of the program to reset the program. If a g-code program doesn’t have a program reset code it can cause strange things to happen on machine tools. I’m not familiar with the ArcDroid control just something I’ve run into in the past with machine tools and thought I’d throw it out there. 😀

  • @Todd Day go to the DOWNLOAD section of this website.  Download the OPERATIONS MANUAL.  Section 8 of the manual has the complete G-CODE LIST for the ArcDroid.  I compiled this list for Andrew when creating the Operations Manual.  Best regards, -Glenn


  • @Jonathan Blevins try REMOVING any Z moves in your program.  The Z height is better controlled simply by the SETTING in the TUNE PAGE.  It will ALWAYS go to the TUNE PAGE's CLEARANCE HEIGHT set there.




  • @GLENN WOODWORTH Thanks Glenn, I'll give that shot. 

    Was something I've meant to do, just kept missing. I'll take a shot in the next few minutes and work it out. 


  • I believe I have it working now. 

    I had figures that i'm not sure where they had come from, and where I thought I had put values, there weren't any.

    So hopefully I have it sorted. I drew a picture through the unit, and have repeated it multiple times with no issues. 

  • GREAT!  Glad you got that sorted!



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