Multiple processes using trace feature

  • Hi all,

    Totally new at this game, but having fun learning about the machine and what it can do.

    I was playing with the trace function on the droid, and I completed the outside lines that I wanted, then I wanted to create some holes from within the boundary I just completed.

    No matter what I did, it would try and create a line from the last point to where I wanted to start the new feature.

    I'm asusming I save the first drawing, then add the 2nd drawing, save that one, and then add the third etc.

    Just want to confirm. For arguments sake, cutting out a rectangle with a hole in each end. 

  • Debug Advice
    Debug Advice
    This is a person who has been through the can probably trust what they say!

    With the trace function, you have to create each feature in the order you want them to cut. Normally you'd want to cut any internal features before cutting the final outline of the part. 

    I believe there are different colour lines for cutting and moving between cuts.

    I'm not sure if you can reorder features once you've created them. However, as you said, you could create another cut file for the holes and just run that one first, run the outline last. Just maintain the same zero point.
    Hope that helps...I'm sure soemone else will chime in with more tips.   

  • @Jason Burns After I drew my outlines, I was thinking I needed to start internally. 

    I will have to go back and play with the tracing feature again. 

    I'm sure i've missed something as i was going. I just couldn't seperate the the different cuts. 

  • Did you finish the line by double-clicking?

  • @Igor Yeremin I may not have done that. 

    I will have another crack and see if that's where the problem is. 

    I do need to redo the order in which i did the drawing. 

    Thanks Igor will try that. 

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