ikocadcam, generating a gcode file

  • After checking out other post processors, I found ikocacam to be best for me. I have watched several videos but cant seem to get the gcode file. after i click generate, then save. I get the file as (.SVT.CUT) or (.SVG.NC) or (.JB). None of which open in arcdroid. Im at a dead end here. I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction to get the file saved as a gcode using ikocadcam or a point of contact that can help. Thanks. 

  • @Zelimir Ikovic   Is the Author of Ikocadcam he's on the forum  perhaps he can help



  • @Jessie Taylor Did you try just renaming the .NC file to ".gcode" instead?  Sometimes thats all it takes.  A ".gcode" extension is not very standard among CAD programs.  Usually they output in ".NC"

    Let us know!


  • @ANDREW Miller thanks for the info. I will reach out. Fun machine sofar!

  • @GLENN WOODWORTH thanks that definatly opened a door. that allowed me to bring the file into arcdroid and it ran the file. it did not seem to run the file correctly (cut order backwards). But its a step in the right direction. going to explore this method a little more. thanks. big help.

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