• It would be great if there was a post processor for OpenSCAD or other CAD systems compatible with Linux.

    Anyone know how to make this work?

  • Im just now looking back into running linux (manjaro) and have found that the 2 post processors that arcdroid has availiable arnt much use. Fusion 360 (owned by autodesk) only works for linux if you use the web based version thats only available to students and educators. So for now i use (owned by autodesk) for the simple 3d modeling and Both are simple to use. Freecad is also a good option, it has both CAD and CAM  operations but it would need a post processor made for it or motify linuxcnc post processor for it. is another option but when I tryed it I could not find a way to lower the accuracy to produce a small sized gcode.

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