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  • I ordered an Arcdroid and it has shipped!  I read the admonition under the picture of the unit and realized my existing plasma cutter with high freq arc start would not do.  I researched inexpensive plasma cutters and found the Yeswelder Cut-65DS on Amazon.  It supposedly has blowback arc start, which eliminates the big noise pulse associated with high frequency units.  I posted here asking for information about the Cut-65DS.  After a couple days, my excitement overcame my good sense and I pulled the trigger.  $449 minus a 15 percent coupon seemed like a great price.  It is, too.  Lots of good reviews on YT.  The day the cutter landed on my porch, my question about compatibility is answered in the negative.  Now I gotta return the unit to Mr. Bezos, not a catastrophy but a PITA, definitely.  My fault for not waiting for a definite answer, which brings me to the purpose of this long winded post.  Is there a concise list of compatible plasma cutters that have been successfully tested or used with the Arcdroid?  I can find individual references but not a list, all in one place.  If there isn't, then let's start one.  Affordability is on consideration, another is performance.  Frankly, I'm retired and it was a bit of a strain to replace my old cutter with a new one.  So.  Can everyone who is willing please post the make and model of the plasma cutter they are currently using with their Arcdroid?  Please include cutters you have sucessfully used in the past as well.  Thanks for your help.  Andrew is probably one of the busiest guys on the planet right now.  I'm hoping this will help him.

  • Hey Guys.  A list like this has been on the "to-do" for ages.  But because we can't test em all and because there are only 26 hours in a day it hasn't been compiled yet. I'll start off with ones we have either directly tested or have significant evidence of functionality. 

    • Everlast PowerPlasma 52i, 62i and 82i   
    • Hypertherm Powermax45  Powermax65 Sync       (all in the Powemax & Sync series should work)
    • Harbor Freight  Titanium
    • Princess Auto  Propoint 30 and Propoint 60
    • Miller Spectrum 375
    • Razorweld Razorcut 45
    • Hobart Airforce 40i
    • HTP MicroCut 600
    • Hynade CUT60DN  ( Low $$   NOTE: ONLY THIS MODEL Other Hynade are HF)

    Confimed by Users:

    • PrimeWeld Cut 60
    • Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 58
    • Thermal dynamics Cutmaster 52
    • Lotos LTP5500D (ONLY this model Lotos others are HF)
    • Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 38


    Please add your compatible cutter here and we'll add details tothe FAQ on the website.

    And much as I hate to point people to our competitors  Langmuir has a good list on there site.  All of these should work fine with the ArcDroid.




  • I use a PrimeWeld Cut 60 plasma cutter and it works with my Arcdroid. 

  • @ANDREW Miller Thank you, that will be a great help.

  • @Scott Simpson Thank you, one more for the list.

  • i use a thermal dynamic cutmaster 58 works great

  • @Steve Heupel Thank you for yor input!

  • I have a thermal dynamics 52 hooked to mine. 

  • I bought one of Amazons best selling non-hf plasma it's a lotos LTP5500D $479 works great. You can add that to the list for a beginner with a low budge 

  • @Shawn Sheldon Thank you.

  • @Donald Smith Thank you.

  • I sent the Yeswelder Cut-65 back and purchased the Hynade Cut-60DN.  I just recieved my Arcdroid and I'm in the process of setting up.

  • thermal dynamic cutmaster 38 works!

  • @ANDREW Miller 

    Hi, I have a couple of questions.  The instruction manual for Everlast Powerplasma 52i lists start type as 'blow-back.'  The manual for the 62i, 82i, and 102i (same manual) lists start as "blow-back, High Frequency Start."
    So, I'm pretty confused, anyone have input here?  I was looking at the 82i or the 102i, but now I'm looking at other options.

    Second question: It has been mentioned that Andrew uses a 52i for testing.  All the 'i' series have 50:1 and 16:1 voltage divider output, and the THC (puff puff pass!) testing says 20:1 or 15:1 is required, so how do you get your required divided voltage?

  • @David Galyon Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

  • Debug Advice
    Debug Advice
    This is a person who has been through the can probably trust what they say!

    I'm running an 82i, it works fine. 

  • Herocut Cut45i ? Thanks 

  • @Chris Shapardon Nope looks like that one is a no!  Sorry.


  • Morning from the UK

    Any views around Fronius cutters and would any work with this product? Not bought one yet as still evaluating but planning to buy a Fronius machine as as they are not cheap wanted to check if it might work.

  • How about a Eastwood versa cut  60?

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