YesWelder 65DS Plasma Cutter

  • Well, it looks like I'll need a different plasma cutter for my new ArcDroid.  I have a Simadre 50P that has served me well but it uses high frequency arc start.  Since my funds are limited, I have been eyeing the YesWelder 65DS as a replacement, which uses blowback start.  Does anybody have any experience with YesWelder gear?  I have one of their hoods and I love it, but it's not an indication of their other products.

  • DANGER!  the Yeswelder stuff is all high frequency start including the 65DS.  It is admitedly slightly better quality than some of the other low cost stuff  but we have not had any sucsess with the YW units.

    Cannot Reccomend!  There will be compatibility issues with the ArcDroid

  • @ANDREW Miller You mean they lied?

  • @ANDREW Miller Is there a list of recommended plasma cutters on the site somewhere?  I've looked, but that doesn't mean it's not there.  Such a thing would save prospective customers time and grief.  I asked about the yeswelder unit because of all the positive reviews.  I got crickets for several days, so I took a deep breath and ordered one.  Now it's due to be delivered today and I'm told it's not compatible.  The maker claims the 65-ds is non-hf, blowback arc start.  Are there other issues beside that?  What was your experience when you tested the cutter with the Arcdroid?  I'm all excited about Arcdroid and I want the best result.  Information is useless if it is not communicated to those who need it.  I know you're busy, but I would greatly enjoy reading a thorough article explaining Arcdroid's abilities and limitations.  Thank you for any help in this area, I know you're in a tough slog trying to get fully off the ground.

  • @ANDREW Miller OK, so the Yeswelder cut 65-ds came today.  I opened the box and checked the torch.  It's an IPT-40 torch and it indeed does have a spring-loaded electrode, which I am told is the mark of blowback arc starting systems.  Is it possible the unit you tested did not have this feature?

  • @JT Simmons we have tested a couple different Yeswelder units including one with an ipt-40 and have found them to be not so good.   It seems they are using similar technology in All of them with only slight modifications to torch design and arc start Strategy.  I believe the 65-DS is low-er frequency start then their other units but it seems to radiate much more inerference than higher quality 40 and 50 amp units, so would not recomend.   

    That being said the one we tested was quite a while ago and Yeswelder may have improved their game since then.  Perhaps we need to revisit it.

  • @ANDREW Miller Thank you, that's very useful information.

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