Anybody else using the Harbor Freight Titanium 45 Plasma? How often are you changing cutting tips???

  • I set up our ArcDroid with a Harbor Freight Titanium 45 Plasma Cutter, but we are finding that we need to change out the torch tips and electrodes WAY TOO OFTEN.  Sometime only have a few cuts other times maybe a dozen cuts or so.  Seems like something is wrong?  Shouldn't those consumables last quite a bit longer???




  • I would check the settings on the ArcDroid. I was cutting some 1/4" material with my Miller 625 plasma and notices the height of the tip had a direct correlation to how long my tip lasted. As for the electrode, I have no idea. I've been using the same one for 7 years. 

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    This is a person who has been through the can probably trust what they say!

    I'd second checking actual cut height. A few times I've had it get a bad surface probe and the height be much lower or higher than it should. Also be sure to lightly lube the z axis rods so it moves freely. 

  • @GLENN WOODWORTH Consumables are extremely variable both in quality and longevity.

    Dry air makes a HUGE difference so make sure you are not pumping compressor condensate through the tips. 

    Not a lot of personal experience with the HF consumables  but I believe thy have a reputation for being a bit sketchy.  A quick google should bring up suggestions for higher quality ones that are compatible 


  • I almost bought that one but it only has a 90 warranty witch think the crazy for a $900 machine 

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