Plasma not cutting correctly

  • Been playing with my new machine for a few days now. Have it set up on a custom table, calibrated and running great. My issue is the arcdroid starting/running the plasma vs. running the plasma with its own torch trigger. Plasma is a Lotos LTP5500D with cnc plugs. The connection is wired properly and arcdroid starts and runs the plasma but it's like the amperage is a fraction of what it should be, making terrible cuts, even though it's all the way up. But if I dismount the torch and just cut a piece by hand it cuts perfectly smooth as it should. Anyone else have that issue?

  • Torch height, maybe?

  • First thing to think of is the workclamp...make sure it's connected securey to your workpiece 

    You can also Check your 2T/4T settings ont he plasma.
    ArcDroid Definitley does not have any control over your machine's current setting the torch fire output is literally just a relay acting as an on/off switch




  • @ANDREW Miller Got it figured out. This plasma has a completely separate system for cnc use. The arcdroid was triggering the plasma but the plasma itself was also looking for amperage input to know what to do but wasn't getting it. I opoened it up and just tapped into the torch trigger wires and now we're all set. Only other problem I'm having is the start/stop isn't lining up how it should. I've gone through proper calibration a few times as well as opening up the arcdroid to check various hardware for tightness. Any ideas?

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