Belt reinstall

  • Does anyone know of the best way to reinstall the belts??


    Mario@Mod.E.O’s Metalworx 

  • We have tools to do it easily in production but this quicky video shows the easy way to do it yourself it you need to.

  • @ANDREW Miller thanks Andrew. I'll try that. I'd got it on a different way but it slipped out of the tensioner 3 times. The ribs on the belt didn't seat all the way. 

  • @Mod.E.O’s Metalworx Yeah it can be tricky to get all the teeth to engage.  We actually tightened up the tolerances a bit for newer machines just to make sure it grips a bit better even it you don't catch all of the teeth.   Don't be afraid to add a little bit of glue to both ends if you have to




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