On The Verge of Purchasing

  • I'm on the verge of purchasind a unit.  How does the supply look?  Has shipping from China been a problem?

  • Not sure of the current status, but when I ordered ours, it took only about 2 weeks to receive directly from overseas via DHL.


  • @JT Simmons

    HI JT

    We are busting our but to catch up on backorders.  I suspect we will be fully caught up in about 2 weeks.  and shipping usually takes 6-10 days in transit.

    With luck once we are fully caught up we can ship on demand but demand has been high even with pre-order status  so who knows.  Good problem to have I know...

    thanks for your Interest!



  • I'll probably have mine for sale shortly if your still looking. 

  • Interested.  nine seven two 891 9010

  • @Shawn Sheldon  Can you share why you want to sell yours?

  • @David Lewis local sale pending 

  • @JT Simmons want a larger table one. All the setup issues I've had Ive lost my patience with it and all excitement I had for it Is gone. I'm sure it's great, looks great on YouTube videos, and Andrew is completely helpful but I'm honestly wanting something larger scale. I really only wanted it for the trace function, but now I have sheetcam and have figured it out how simple building drawings are, I can use a larger table to build the things I need. 

  • @Shawn Sheldon I understand.  Being retired, I have plenty of tinker time.  This unit will fit my simple needs and emaciated bank account.

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