The Corner Wizard for ArcDroid ! ( the tool you didn't know you needed! )

  • Hi, guys...  Here's a VIDEO demonstrating the use of The Corner Wizard for ArcDroid.

    This will aid you in finding Edges, Corners, and Centers of existing items that you might want to cut new features into.  ENJOY!

    The Corner Wizard will soon be available for purchase.  Will keep you updated here on this forum.

    best regards,





  • @GLENN WOODWORTH A neat idea!  How's it progressing?  I'm pretty sure I'll have to have one...

  • That tool would be easier/cheaper if 3D printed...Jus' sayin'...I created the file for my own use with my resin printer.

  • Any update? 


  • @David Lewis hi...  I should have more info for you on this by next week.  Just waiting on some information from Andrew.  Thanks for your interest!


  • Any updates on this? How much?

    These should actually be included with the machine 

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