Hooking it up

  • Okay group.  Got my ArcDroid this week.  Yay.  Also bought an Everlast 52i.  Yay.  Calibrated the machine.  But now I'm a bit confused as to how to hook the cutter tot the ArcDroid.  In the video Andrew says to just plug the CNC cable into the back of the machine since there is a port for it.  Problem is, my machine didn't come with a cable, just a black and blue plud with 12 pins.  Should I have received the cable with either machine or am I supposed to cut the wires in the big front blug and solder them to the rear plug.  Confused but want to start cutting.  


    Any help would be apprciated.



  • @Paul Ruggiero You need the wire the plug yourself. Pins 1 and 2 are arc on/off. 

  • @Jonathan Swiecki Well for $2k, ya think it would come with a cable.  🙁  So just 2 wires soldered to the pins in the plug that run to the back of the Arcdroid?

  • @Paul Ruggiero not every plasma cutter has the same port. Some don't even have a CNC port and you need to wire directly to the switch in the cutter handle. No one size fits all approach here to warrant shipping with a cable. As for now you just needs pins 1 and 2 soldered, don't think the aux ports are hooked up to anything (yet). I would suggest getting a shielded cable with 6 wires for possible future upgrades to make use of the aux ports. 

  • @Jonathan Swiecki thanks. Don't have any shielded here do hooking up some regular 22 g wire I do have. Will order the right one

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