Received my ArcDroid - On the hunt for an affordable plasma cutter.

  • Hello Everyone!

    I am a noob just like everyone else here.  However, I am more of a noob when it comes to plasma cutters, as I have never used one.  I would like to start out with an affordable plasma cutter.  I reviewed the FAQ's, it looks like the high frequency really isn't suggested.  Plus what I have read is that HF plasma cutters really like a clean surface to cut.  I am currenlty looking at the Amico CUT-50HF.  I like that it has a post flow, and PSI in the front.  Guess my only concern, is it compatible?

    Amico CUT-50HF, 50 Amp Non-touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter, Pro. 95~260V Wide Voltage, 3/5 in. Clean Cut Cutting Machine

    Thanks for your help!

    John Ivener - Tripod's Garage  -


  • Congrats on the newborn arrival! šŸ˜„

  • I like the Everlast 52i, has post flow setting and CNC port for east trigger wiring.  Consumables are easily found from 25amp all the way up to large thicker materials.  

  • @Steven Marston - Thanks!  Hopefully this newborn is a lot easier to bring to maturity than my two girls šŸ˜‚

  • @Megadesertdiesel - Hello @Megadesertdiesel I was looking at the Everlast line, they look great! Seems to be out of my buget for the time being.  Normally I am the type of person that will purchase what I want without a 2nd thought.  As I do not like buying something twice.  However, for the plasma I am on a budget unfortunately (wifey).  I figure anything in my price range will not have the CNC ports šŸ˜•.  Maybe I can sell a few laser engravers, and a 3d printer or two.

  • Does anyone know if the Everlast 52i will work with the future THC?  The manual states voltage can be set at either 1/16 or 1/50 depending on if you use the internal jumper.  Andrew I think said the voltage has to be a divide by 20 or 15 cnc voltage output plasma cutter

  • @Tripods Garage Had a quick look at that one.  I would not recomend it.  It is basically a HF machine with pilot arc tacked on.  Although we have not tested that one I suspect it could still cause issues.


  • @Paul Ruggiero all our testng lately has been on a Everlast 52i with 50:1 output

  • Is the HarborFreight Titanium compatible?

  • @KWICK Aronson  Yes sir... in fact you can see it in use by Our friends at Grind hard plumbing co.


  • @ANDREW Miller I see they got the production ArcDroid, but no mention of the HF Titanium. But if you say it will work, I have a $50 off coupon and I love GREEN shop stuff :-) it here yet??

  • @ANDREW Miller - Thanks!  Back to looking around.  My cap is about $400, the one I was looking at has been sold out for a while.  

  • @ANDREW Miller thanks Andrew. That's good to know. Will order One tomorrow. Thank you

  • Titanium is in the house!

    I'll be in the driveway waiting on DHL if anyone needs me....

  • @ANDREW Miller - I went with the PrimeWeld CUT60.  Seems to have everything I am looking for.  It also has a CNC pug on the back!

    PRIMEWELD CUT60 60Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc PT60 Torch Plasma Cutter 110V/220V Dual Voltage 3 Year Warranty
    by PrimeWeld
    Learn more:


  • Hi...  Just received our ArcDroid!  Very excited to get going, so we are wondering if there is a "RECOMMENDED" Plasma Cutting Machine that we should consider?   We don't mind paying a bit more for a "better unit."  Not necessarily looking to just buy a Harbor Freight machine.  Please advise!  Thanks!



  • @GLENN WOODWORTH Andrew runs an everlast 52i so that's what I bought. I figure if the guy that made the machine is having success with it so should I. It has a CNC plug in the back for turning the torch on and off and has the capability to do THC once they get that sorted out. 

  • Debug Advice
    Debug Advice
    This is a person who has been through the can probably trust what they say!

    @GLENN WOODWORTH I bought an Everlast 82i a bit over a year ago. The 52i is more than enough machine but, at the time it was only $100-150 CAD more to step up to the 82i. It's been great. As a second option, I'd consider the PrimeWeld Cut 60. I have their 225x Tig welder and it's been really good. 

  • @Jason Burns 

    thanks for the quick reply!

    The bulk of our work will be 1/2" thick material and under.  For the small price difference of the 52i and 82i, I don't mind spending the extra money, if it will give us more capabilities.  However, I want to be sure that the bigger machine wouldn't hinder the performance or efficiency of thinner materials.  Any input or advice on this?  THANKS SO MUCH!


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    Debug Advice
    This is a person who has been through the can probably trust what they say!

    The IPT80 consumables are more expensive but, I'm in Canada so that may account for the exagerated difference. Besides that, I wouldn't count on being able to cut in the low 20A range reliably. (I was only hand cutting at the time, have not tried it in CNC mode yet) Around 30 and up seems perfectly fine. And you can always pick up a PT or IPT60 torch. 
    The chinese stuff can be hit or miss but I found a decent PT60 torch (looks like the s45 handle but is a pt60 head) with lead and euro conntor on Aliexpress, shipped to my door for $130 CAD. I just rewired the euro connector for the Everlast pin out. 

    I should add, only reason I got the 82i besides small price difference was because at the time I was on the list for a larger plasma table and wanted the extra duty cycle. I'm happy with my purchase but I think I would have been happy witht he 52i as well. At least I did furutre proof myself to some degree, unless it breaks the 82i will do absolutley anything I throw at it.

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